History of restaurant

Hostinec U zlaté lípy is one of the few firms can boast its own history, not only remembers many a golden era of our rich history, but are also always cooked honest food. And we are trying to live up to this tradition and culinary craft to operate with integrity, with love and carefulness as is, you can see for yourself.

Hostinec got its name from the memorable lime tree, which grows with him and which is not allowed to perpetuate as one of the first owners of the company, on contemporary photography, which today proudly owns thanks to its own interest in the history of the inn. U zlaté lípy has always operated culinary craftsmanship and hospitality operators inns with their families and employees are alternated with different eras of history, and there are also experiencing their own destinies.

And even today, their devotion to hospitality forget and maintain personal contacts with the family of the original German owners. We continue as we search for deeper history of our inn. At the Hostinec U zlaté lípy thus interferes tradition of our grandmothers - the golden age of Czech cuisine with a modern passion for preparing and serving food and servicing guests.

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Máte rádi domácí kuchyni? Stýská se Vám po nedělních obědech u babičky? Zavítejte k nám.


Prostory restaurace i salónku jsou vhodné i k pořádání firemní večírků, svatebních obědů, obchodních schůzek, či přednášek.


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